Stuffed peppers with cottage cheese

This recipe is an identifying flavor especially in summer. We suggest benefiting from the nutritional value of vegetables of the season and their combinations with fresh and healthy protein products.


• 6 red peppers,
• 200 g Gjirofarm butter
• olive oil, pepper, parsley leaves

Clean the peppers and dry up the water with kitchen paper. Cut the peppers in two parts,remove the internal seeds and pulp. Throw away the seeds, and cut pulp into small pieces and put in a bowl. Clean and finely chop the parsley. Place these pieces with the pepper pulp in a bowl by adding cottage cheese, pepper and a little olive oil. Blend the mixture until it becomes uniformand  with the help of spoonstuff the pepper.
Take a shallow dish, sparkle with olive oil and place the peppers carefully.  Sparkle a little olive oil and place it in preheated oven. When the surface has taken a slight reddish color, remove the dish from the oven and serve the recipe.

The preparation time takes 20 minutes and serves as a side dish of various meat or pasta dishes. This dish may be accompanied also with drinks.