Butter, the product which we can’t live without. Its value in our fragrant dishes.

How many times have you heard that cooking with butter, then with oil, is healthier and tastier?

Most of us assume that we inherited this belief from a very long time when our mothers found it very difficult to buy enough butter for all of their cooking needs. In fact, long ago, in Albania, butter was mainly used to be tasted with bread. Due to limited trade, it was rarely used for cooking. Therefore, for many years, in the Albanian refrigerator, butter was considered a “good snack” and somehow rare.

Either way, for many other reasons butter, is a valuable product. There is an expression according to which, the only thing better than butter, is… even more butter.

The real truth stands that every dish cooked with butter is even tastier…

Butter not only gives a better taste to any cooked food, but it also has qualities that are the key value to many dishes and especially desserts.

It is one of the main ingredients and is present in many pastry and dessert recipes like biscuits, creams, cakes, pies. It consists of 80% fat and the rest is mainly water and other ingredients. The value of butter comes to the fore, especially during the baking process. Butter gives it flavor and helps in drying, texture, melting, or moisturizing the mass of sweets. Even this ingredient so common in our cuisine helps baked goods to be stored for a little longer. The presence of butter in the right amount and in the right way gives the sweets a soft and elastic compound.

Butter is also present in the preparation of many sauces, giving them nutritional value and special taste. The high percentage of fat makes butter even more delicious and useful in various recipes. Fat helps butter bond even better with other products’ recipes. Thanks to the combination with butter, the taste of other products also becomes better and more distinct.

Goat and sheep butter, as a privilege that nature has given us…

The most widely consumed butter in the world is the one produced from cow’s milk. But because of some benefits, butter extracted from the goat’s or sheep milk is also included and preferred by consumers.

It is known that despite its great value, cow butter is not easily digested due to its high-fat content. On the other hand, goat’s butter has a lower fat percentage and less lactose, which makes it easier for the digestion process. Goat’s milk products are considered to be among the best for health, precisely because they are easier to digest and reduce some elements of health risks. It is sufficient to mention ‘Diabetes’. Furthermore, goat’s milk helps in the absorption of iron and calcium and has no stress impact on the stomach. Goat butter is quite popular because of its special and somewhat sharp taste, which is not easily forgotten. Among the main benefits of goat’s butter, we can mention that it does not contain many calories. It is extremely rich in iron, aids metabolism as it is light, and has a sensitivity that makes it enjoyable in cooking. This kind of butter can also be used for babies as it has some similarities to newborn breast milk.

While sheep’s butter is a product that excels in aroma to satisfy and whet the appetite. Thanks to the richness of vitamin K it is widely used for bones benefits, but also contains limited amounts of vitamin A.

Goat and sheep butter has been produced by Gjirofarm, it has the best features to be in the cuisine of every Albanian. Do not forget to use our butter in baking dishes, sauces, or delicious desserts and all your homes will have a really festive flavor.