Why we can’t say NO. The history and benefits of cheese

You’re for sure one of those people who cannot resist cheese, be it white cheese, yellow cheese, made of sheep’s milk, goat or cow. You’re used to placing it in the middle of the table as an appetite suppressant, as an accompaniment to wine, or just as an ingredient for your delicious recipes. We can’t blame you. Cheese is a fantastic food.

A little bit of history

Our love for cheese started 8000 years ago. Even during this period, mankind had its masters in making cheese in many cultures around the world. Taming animals for pasture played a key role in inventing, developing and perfecting the art of dairy-making. Those animals gave us milk, the basic and most important substance for making cheese. Throughout history many animals have been valued for their milk, including buffalos, camels and bisons. Nowadays, cow’s milk is mostly used in order to produce dairy products, with an increase of 50% in the last 40 years. But while the consumption of liquid milk tends to decrease, all over the world, cheese is becoming more and more popular.

Why do we love cheese so much?

On average, each of us consumes over 15 kilograms of cheese per year. Don’t be surprised! Except for the excellent taste, our body apparently thanks us each time we consume cheese. This product is a great source of calcium, fats and proteins. In addition, cheese has a lot of zinc, phosphorus and vitamins (A & B-12). Cheese produced from 100% grass-fed animal milk is the richest in rare nutritional values such as omega-3 or vitamin K-2.

Here at Gjirofarm, we have a recipe for all this good stuff

Our recipe for bringing to your tables the most delicious and healthiest cheese in the entire South of Albania is quite simple. First, we fanatically respect the tradition of Gjirokastra farmers, inherited across generations. We only brought innovation in the purity, speed and better conservation, as the only way for our cheese to reach you as fresh as possible. We collect the milk from the farmers of our area, who raise their animals with great care. From the milking process to our factory, milk makes a journey that only takes a few minutes. We are so close to the tradition, history and quality that we have inherited for hundreds of years. Under the name of Gjirofarm you will find goat, cow or sheep cheese. We know how to make perfect white cheese, but we also specialize in yellow cheese, because we want your tables to be full.