Science says that only a small amount of yogurt in the freezer is areal “arsenal” in health protection.

Yogurt is the food that the dieticians suggest should be eaten every day. Below you will get informed with all the benefits that come from it’s consume.

Kos Gjirofarm Necessary for the organism

Yogurt is one of the best products of the milk needed by the human body. It is easily digestible and regulatory for the stomach. If you feel bloated, yogurt consumption coupled with a little bread would relieve you, it reduces swelling and excessive bloating. Yogurt can be used in every meal. Dieticians suggest its use at breakfast and dinner.

A great aid of burning fats

A study conducted by the University of Tennessee found that people who included non-fat yogurt in their program of weight loss, lost more pounds than those who only reduced calories. The yogurt eaters lost 22 percent more weight, 61 percent more body fat and 81 percent more abdominal fat over 12 weeks of study. Yogurt contains protein and fermenting elements that help in digestion. These are the most needed ingredients during dieting.

Fights flu

Nutrition specialists have found that yoghurt can help fight  flu, colds and other virus types.

Experts have noted that these bacteria can be used in nose sprays in liquid soap and water filters to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

It may be accompanied by fruits with vitamin C, which also help in the fight against influenza.

Probiotics protect against metals

Yogurt containing probiotics can reduce the absorption of some heavy metals and environmental toxins up to 78% in pregnant women.

The study conducted by scientists at the Center Lawson Research Institute on Health Canada, provides the first clinical evidence that a quantity of probiotic yoghurt can be used to reduce the health risks associated with mercury and arsenic.